Friday, January 22, 2010

Bible References On Rifle Sights Will End

Trijicon, Inc. issued a statement yesterday voluntarily agreeing to stop its previously reported practice of including coded references to Bible verses as part of the serial number on rifle sights supplied to the military. The New York Times reports that the company will also supply the Pentagon with 100 free modification kits that will allow the military to remove the serial numbers from rifles of units deployed in combat. Foreign military units will also be offered the kits. Trend reports that Australia and New Zealand have both announced that they will remove the inscriptions from rifle sights issued to their military. Meanwhile, blogger Christian Fighter Pilot suggested this week that there was in fact a close tie-in between the Biblical verses chosen by Trijicon and the rifle sights. The sights use fiber optic and light enhancement technology, and all of the Bible verses chosen (Old and New Testament) include "light" as a theme.