Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Challenge To Oklahoma 10 Commandments Monument Dismissed On Standing Grounds

An Oklahoma federal district court yesterday dismissed an Establishment Clause challenge to the Ten Commandments Monument located on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  In American Atheists, Inc. v. Thompson, (WD OK, March 10, 2015), the court held that the individual plaintiff in the case lacks standing because she saw the Monument only once before filing suit, and then only because she went looking for it -- apparently in order to create standing to sue. The standing of American Atheists, Inc. depends on the standing of the individual plaintiff who was a member. Reacting to the decision, Oklahoma state Attorney General Scott Pruitt said: "The historical relevance of the Ten Commandments and the role it played in the founding of our nation cannot be disputed. I commend Judge Cauthron’s decision to rule in the state’s favor." AP reports on the decision.