Friday, June 23, 2006

New York Challenges "Christian Skate Time" As Discriminatory

The Traditional Values Coalition this week sent a letter to New York Governor George Pataki complaining that the state's Division of Human Rights has warned an Accord, New York skating rink that its "Christian Music Skate Time" may violate the state's human rights law. (TVC press release.) NY Human Rights Law, Sec. 296(2 ) prohibits, among other things, religious discrimination by businesses. The agency wrote to the Skate Time 209 rink, and to the Ulster County Press in which the rink's Christian Skate Time was advertised, saying that the event during which contemporary Christian music is played for skaters "apparently denies or at a minimum, discourages non-Christian patronage" and "constitutes prima facie violation" of the Human Rights Law. TVC's letter defends the Christian Music Skate Time, saying that there are no special discounts for Christian skaters and no one is denied access to the rink if they are not Christian.