Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Florida County Permits New 10 Commandments Monument At Courthouse

Yesterday's Gainesville, Florida Sun reports that Dixie County, Florida commissioners have set up another potential high profile Ten Commandments challenge. Last January, after then-county attorney Joey Lander agreed to defend any lawsuits over the decision without charge, the County Commission approved a request by citizens to permit them to place a Ten Commandments monument at the county courthouse. The proponents agreed that the full cost of the monument would come from private funds. This weekend, the monument appeared on the courthouse steps-- a 6-ton, $12,000, block of black granite inscribed with the Commandments and with the verse "Love God and keep his commandments". Joey Lander says that even though he is no longer county attorney, his offer to defend the county still stands. [Thanks to How Appealing for the lead.]