Saturday, March 03, 2007

Suspended Christian Group Sues Georgia College

A college Christian outreach group, Commissioned II Love (C2L), has filed suit (text of complaint) in a Georgia federal court against Savannah State University claiming that the University violated the group's rights of speech, assembly, association and religion when it revoked its official recognition as a student organization for violating University rules. (Press release by ADF and NLF.) The University alleges that the group engaged in hazing, particularly by badgering members of fraternities and sororities. C2L claims that Greek letter groups violate Christian principles because they are founded on occult traditions, and generally encourage excessive drinking and premarital sex. It encourages students not to join Greek letter organizations or to deactivate if they are already members. The University also charged C2L with hazing because of its practice of having current members wash the feet of new members, as a symbol of Jesus' washing of his apostles' feet.