Monday, July 09, 2007

Slidell: Complaint and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Copies of the complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction in Doe v Parish of St. Tammany are now available online. This is a case in which plaintiffs object to an icon which contains a portrait of Jesus that is posted in the lobby of a Slidell, Louisiana courthouse. The complaint alleges, in part:
11. The lobby contains two paintings. One is a painting of the founding judge of the City Court of Slidell and is accompanied by wording to that effect. The other, placed on a separate wall, is a religious icon of the Eastern Orthodox sect of Christianity. It shows an image of Jesus Christ presenting the New Testament. The icon is positioned above the large gold wording, "TO KNOW PEACE, OBEY THESE LAWS." The display in question is the Eastern Orthodox religious icon combined with the wording below it.
12. The display is prominently displayed in the center of the wall directly above the teller window of the City Court of Slidell.

14. Prior to June of2007, in order to participate fully as citizens, to conduct business, or to fulfill certain legal obligations, Plaintiffs, John Doe and members of the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana, separately entered the City Court of Slidell, saw the display, and were offended by it as a whole and in its several parts. In order to participate fully as citizens, conduct business, or fulfill certain legal obligations, Plaintiffs will be obligated to return to the courthouse in the future.

17. On information and belief, Defendants installed the display, which had never
before been displayed on public property, before the courthouse opened in 1997 and have maintained it at taxpayer expense since that time.
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Thanks to the First Amendment Center for the lead to the online documents.