Thursday, August 30, 2007

RLUIPA Suit Filed By Yeshiva Against NJ Town

On Monday, a federal lawsuit was filed by a synagogue and yeshiva against the borough of Roosevelt, New Jersey, its Planning and Zoning Board and others. The lawsuit claims that defendants violated RLUIPA by undertaking a systematic campaign to prevent Yeshiva Me'on Hatoraha from being housed at Anshei Roosevelt synagogue. Apparently the borough's former mayor, Neil Marko, was removed in a recall election after it was alleged that he had a conflict of interest in representing the borough in connection with matters relating to the yeshiva.The Allentown (NJ) Examiner today says that Joshua Pruzansky, executive vice president of the yeshiva said that in addition to raising legal hurdles, "opponents of the yeshiva have also used disparaging language in describing the lifestyle of Orthodox Jews, argued that the yeshiva would take properties off the tax roll, and claimed that the yeshiva faculty and families would harm the local public school."