Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thomas More Law Center Joins As Co-Counsel Opposing NY Arabic School

The Thomas More Law Center announced yesterday that it will act as co-counsel in a pending Freedom of Information Act case seeking more information about New York City's new Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA). The controversial KGIA-- opening this year in Brooklyn-- is a specialized middle and high school focusing on Arab language and culture. (See prior posting.) In announcing the Thomas More Law Center's involvement, its President and Chief Counsel Richard Thompson leveled a series of broad accusations at the new school:
KGIA is a Trojan Horse New York City is building for radical Islam with taxpayer money. That the Quran calls for Muslims to subjugate the world, especially Christians and Jews, is a fact that anyone can look up. New York City School Chancellor, Joel Klein, who is aggressively promoting this Islamic school, is the same person who refused to allow two Christian students, a second and a fourth grader, to display a nativity scene during Christmas—another example of how political correctness is leading to a malicious double standard when it comes to religious expression in public schools.