Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California School Board Split Over Motto In Classrooms

In Bakersfield, California, the 5-member Kern High School District board of trustees is badly split over competing proposals to place "In God We Trust" posters in classrooms. Yesterday's Bakersfield Californian reported that originally trustee Chad Vegas proposed placing the motto in all classrooms. Then he modified his proposal, suggesting that it be placed there along with the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. He says that understanding the link between faith and country is necessary to understand the nature of the United States. Two of the trustees have been opposed to the plan, and yesterday trustee Bryan Batey said he could only support placing the documents in civics and history classrooms. Trustee Joel Heinrichs who opposes the plan says it is offensive to equate patriotism and faith.


Mari said...

It's about time someone stood up and spoke the truth. Our country is founded "In God We Trust." All of our original documents are very obviously steeped in Christianity; that is who we are and from whence our country was founded. I am sick and tired of those who are offended by it. Again, we need to stand up for who we are and quit listening to those opposed. If they don't like our country for what it is and its culture, well they can go somewhere else.

CrypticLife said...

Or we can change it, Mari. And, perhaps you're speaking metaphorically about the country being "founded" on "In God we Trust", but I must point out that it was not the national motto we were founded on.

And you're not talking about mere recognition when you're putting it in school classrooms -- you're talking about the education of children. Making baldfaced statements like this is indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

1. Steeped in Christianity? Based on what?
2. Quit listening to those opposed? What are you afraid of?
3. Go somewhere else? We could say the same for those who would foist their religion on the children of others, who refuse to accept the First Amendment, and who make up the "Christian Nation" B.S. from whole cloth.
4. I am at a loss as to why--in the one of the most religious countries in the world--some believe the system is broken. Separation of Church and State allows religion to thrive, as it has here...the more we move to a theistic government, the more our country will move away from religion.

kellypea said...

I'm not "offended" by this. I just believe it's wrong. As far as being "sick and tired" of "those offended" by actions such as this, perhaps it would be interesting to display phrases from and symbols of all religions practiced by citizens of this country. At least then it would be more accurate.