Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wiccan Symbol Joins Nativity Scene In Green Bay

As previously reported, Chad Fradette, City Council President in Green Bay, Wisconsin, obtained agreement from other city officials to install a nativity scene at City Hall, in sympathy with a smaller Wisconsin town whose nativity display was being challenged. Green Bay's resolution approving the nativity scene also provides that other religious groups can put up displays alongside it. Yesterday's Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that the city has received six requests from others. The first to actually be installed is a Wiccan symbol-- a 3-foot diameter wreath encircling a pentagram. Fradette, displaying broad ecumenical tolerance, said: "That’s pretty. I’m glad there’s something else up there." Another group has told Fradette that it will appear to sing Christmas carols before next Tuesday's City Council meeting begins. Council will discuss rules and guidelines for religious displays on City Hall property.