Thursday, May 29, 2008

Army Plans To Remove Crosses From Kosovo Base Chapel Grounds

Life Site News yesterday reported on a controversial plan by the U.S. Army to relandscape the grounds of Peacekeeper’s Chapel that serves US soldiers at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. Three wooden crosses outside the chapel will be replaced by a stone monument engraved with the chapel's name and the US Army Chaplain Corps crest. The change will conform to an Army regulation that bars "distinctive religious symbols, such as crosses, crucifixes, the Star of David, menorah, and other religious symbols" from being "affixed or displayed permanently on the chapel exterior or grounds." (Army Reg. 165-1, 13-3.d). As part of the project, a chapel memorial plaque for US Chaplain Gordon Oglesby who died serving in Kosovo will also be removed. The plaque violates Army policy against naming a chapel after a soldier.