Sunday, August 24, 2008

South Carolina High School Football Coaches Often Mix Religion With Coaching

Yesterday's Florence (SC) Morning News carried an article on the fine church-state line being walked by some South Carolina high school football coaches. Many pray with their teams before each game. This summer, many coaches and players attended a three day Fellowship of Christian Athletes football camp at University of South Carolina-Upstate in Spartanburg. Hemingway (SC) High School ends every practice with the Lord's Prayer, says the Lord's Prayer before and after every game, and holds a devotion every week. However assistant coach Bucky Davis said: "Everyone’s welcome to their own opinions. We don’t force anyone to do anything. The kids (convert to Christ) out of their own free will." Lamar (SC) High School coach J.R. Boyd said: "We went to church as a team one time and I found out that many of our kids had never seen the inside of a church. We went to FCA camp as well and many of my kids were saved in the process."