Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UN Draft Document Calls For Tempering Free Speech Over Religious Sensibilities

Today's Canadian Jewish News reports that a draft discussion paper circulating in advance of the April 2009 United Nations Durban II anti-racism conference contains controversial language on avoiding defamation of religion. The Preliminary Document of the African Regional Conference Preparatory to the Durban Review Conference, paragraph 13, "calls upon states to avoid inflexibly clinging to free speech in defiance of the sensitivities existing in a society and with absolute disregard for religious feelings."


tim said...

Bush's decision to withdraw from the 2001 conference was one of the few rational decisions he's made in eight years. Hopefully, his successor will join Canada in skipping the 2009 conference entirely.

Chimera said...

The UN is gonna try it again? What will it take to make them understand that their insistence on trying to "protect religious feelings" is only making the problem worse?

Makarios said...

What it amounts to is trying to sneak blasphemy laws in through the back door. Pfui!

Freedom of speech is intended precisely to protect offensive speech. Speech that offends nobody requires no protection.