Friday, November 21, 2008

Proponents Announce New Strategy On Display of Nativity Scenes

CBN News yesterday reported that two Christian groups have come up with a new holiday display strategy. The National Clergy Council and the Christian Defense Coalition have begun "The Nativity Project." It encourages individuals to display nativity scenes in public places such as city halls, state capitol buildings and other public buildings. Project promoters say that "as individual citizens" these displays can be put up-- sometimes with, and sometimes without a permit. While not explicit on the matter, apparently the idea is for individuals to temporarily display the nativity scenes and stay with them in areas open for advocacy activities. The story touts the placing of a nativity scene in front of the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday-- apparently there temporarily while proponents were with it. Proponents also announced that for the first time ever, the groups have permission to stage a live nativity scene in Times Square on December 6th. The project is also encouraging the display of nativity scenes outside of private homes-- an activity that poses no legal problems.