Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catholic Group Uses Obama's Story In Anti-Abortion Ad To Be Shown In Chicago; Humanists Use Obama In Secularism Ad

Zenit yesterday reported on a 30-second anti-abortion video (YouTube clip) titled "Imagine the Potential!" produced by CatholicVote.com (a project of Fidelis Center for Law and Policy). The video, to be aired during today's presidential Inauguration on Black Entertainment Television in Chicago:

begins with ultrasound image of an unborn baby. "This child's future is a broken home," the overlying text states, with music playing in the background. "He will be abandoned by his father. His single mother will struggle to raise him.""Despite the hardships he will endure," the text continues, as the music gets louder and is mixed with sounds of a cheering crowd, "this child ... will become ... the first African American president."Then showing a picture of Barack Obama, the text says: "Life: Imagine the potential."
Catholicvote.org's executive director Brian Burch said: "Our message is simple: Abortion is the enemy of hope."

In contrast, the American Humanist Association is running an ad featuring a picture of Obama in today's Washington Post. The ad reads: "President Obama: Living Proof that Family Values Without Religion Build Character. Yesterday's Examiner carries a photo of the ad.


Kagehi said...

And of course, under Bush's passed bill, idiots like this, which support the bullshit idea that every unborn child is going to be like Obama, not a crack addict, murderer, or other malcontent, will help idiots like this keep her job:


Can't wait for the trial case where someone who thinks "artificial support of life" is evil starts "accidentally" removing people's pace makers, or some similar BS, then tries to "defend" the practice under the same law... Its not just the morons that think that "all" means to prevent contraception = abortion that are the problem people, and even if they where, this woman, and her coworkers, by tacitly supporting it, are all committing battery, and in the later case, imho, should be charge with fracking conspiracy.

So Barb, since you seem to be the one most supporting of this, is this the world you imagined would arise from "conscience" laws? Where they get to do anything they damn well please, even without your consent, and then, presumably, claim it was OK, because they don't like what ever it was you "previously" did? Or, maybe that is crossing some sort of imaginary line? Just wondering...

Oh, BTW, was another case, noted in the comments, there is at least one case which shows how BS this is, even when "not" protected, you can imagine when it is. A feminist blogger had her boyfriends condom fail about three years ago. The local pharmacy refused to give her emergency contraceptives, and told her to go to the emergency room, they denied her because, "she wasn't raped or married", WTF?, the pharmacy staff even went as far as grilling her over every detail of her sexual history, like they had the right to know any of it. ***Every*** place in the city she lived in gave her the run around, to keep her from getting help, until it was past the 72 hours that such emergency contraception would work. And, this was **before** Bush made this fracking bullshit legally protected. Now... Hold on, its going to be a damn bumpy ride, until "sane" believers realize just what this law really does protect, and someone does something so horrible that they can't abide it any more.

gyi tsakalakis said...

Silver lining: The religious right is endorsing Obama...excellent.


I find it funny, that we as humans have the right to play God and take the life of another human (born or not) so we can fufill our desires without consequence. As cliche` as it may sound, don't have sex unless you want to have a baby.
Oh, and by the way Kagehi, the same BS Idea you made about every child being a "crack addict, murderer, etc" is just as obsurd. The idea that you feel we should murder a child because of what they may become is the most horrific and demonic thing I have ever heard. Let's remember that Hitler had a similar line of justification for the holocaust.
Your line of thought disturbs me greatly