Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catholic Group Uses Obama's Story In Anti-Abortion Ad To Be Shown In Chicago; Humanists Use Obama In Secularism Ad

Zenit yesterday reported on a 30-second anti-abortion video (YouTube clip) titled "Imagine the Potential!" produced by CatholicVote.com (a project of Fidelis Center for Law and Policy). The video, to be aired during today's presidential Inauguration on Black Entertainment Television in Chicago:

begins with ultrasound image of an unborn baby. "This child's future is a broken home," the overlying text states, with music playing in the background. "He will be abandoned by his father. His single mother will struggle to raise him.""Despite the hardships he will endure," the text continues, as the music gets louder and is mixed with sounds of a cheering crowd, "this child ... will become ... the first African American president."Then showing a picture of Barack Obama, the text says: "Life: Imagine the potential."
Catholicvote.org's executive director Brian Burch said: "Our message is simple: Abortion is the enemy of hope."

In contrast, the American Humanist Association is running an ad featuring a picture of Obama in today's Washington Post. The ad reads: "President Obama: Living Proof that Family Values Without Religion Build Character. Yesterday's Examiner carries a photo of the ad.