Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Private Baccalaureate Plans Satisfy All Sides In Florida School District

Yesterday's NWF Daily News reported on the aftermath of a court decision preliminarily enjoining various religious activities-- including religious baccalaureate services-- that in the past have been sponsored by the Santa Rosa County (FL) School district. (See prior posting.) Rev. Joey Rogers has worked with Pace High School students to create a Baccalaureate Board that will enlist local churches to sponsor this year's baccalaureate ceremony. Pace High School teachers and administrators can attend, but cannot be involved in the planning, nor can they speak at the ceremony. The ceremony will be held May 29 at Pace Assembly Ministries. The ACLU, which brought the lawsuit challenging prior school practices, is pleased with the new plans. Meanwhile the ACLU and the school district are working to draft an agreed-upon permanent injunction.

Building on this experience, Rev. Rogers is beginning a nationwide grassroots campaign called "Got Your Bacc." A new website describes plans to enlist churches to sponsor baccalaureate ceremonies for local high schools. The site includes resources for those planning ceremonies.