Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Utah AG Files Proposed Settlement of UEP Trust Litigation

Yesterday Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff filed a Report of Proposed Settlement and Plan of Distribution in a Utah trial court. The proposal and accompanying Letter of Intent (Word.doc) are designed to end the litigation to reform the UEP Trust that holds property of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints Church. (See prior posting.) The Report says:
The Proposed Settlement reflects the general terms that the Utah AG finds to be acceptable and in the best interest of the Reformed Trust. At this point, no other party has officially agreed to the terms. However, it does reflect many points acceptable by Trust Participants who align themselves with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, (the “FLDS”).
Today's Dallas Morning News summarizes the proposal:
The letter of intent proposes dividing undeveloped land south of the twin towns, with 60 acres going to the FLDS. Another portion of the land would be subdivided into 50 lots to be distributed to former church members who could prove a legitimate claim to trust assets. Existing residential properties would also be divided under a plan that would allow for both individual property deeds and the retention of larger, communal swaths of land.

The proposal calls for the establishment of a housing panel to decide property claims. Its members would include individuals proposed by both the FLDS and an existing court-appointed advisory board. The proposal also calls for the removal of Bruce Wisan, the court-appointed fiduciary who has managed the trust since 2005, and for the appointment of a new fiduciary to execute the settlement over a period of about one year.
The proposal also calls for the cemetery to go to the FLDS Church, to be administered by the Bishop. However 200 graves are to be set aside for non-FLDS members.