Sunday, July 05, 2009

Court Orders Sikh Temple Directors To Disclose Contact Information

An election last year at the Sikh Temple Gurdwara in Yuba City, California brought in new directors who promised reform. Today's Marysville (CA) Appeal-Democrat reports on a state trial court decision last week that requires the Temple's 73 directors to furnish their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail contacts before meeting again. Fellow-director Sukraj S. Pamma sought the information, over privacy objections by some of those who would be required to disclose the data. Responding in part to the privacy concerns, the court's order provided that plaintiff is not to disclose the director information to anyone other than his attorneys and other directors. The Temple board must wait 3 weeks after furnishing the contact information before meeting again. Reform directors say the lawsuit is merely a delaying strategy by opponents who hope to eventually regain power.