Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plaintiff Who Challenged Teacher's Remarks Now Speaks At Republican Fund Raisers

Earlier this year, California high school student Chad Farnan and his parents won a mixed victory in a lawsuit against Chad's former high school history teacher James Corbett. They alleged that Corbett made comments in class hostile to religion, particularly to Christianity. A federal court found that one of the teacher's comments violated the Establishment Clause, but on various grounds denied any sort of relief. (See prior posting.) Now, according to yesterday's Orange County (CA) Register, 17-year old Farnan is speaking at fund raisers for Republican candidates. At an event for Shawn Black, a candidate for the 70th Assembly District in Orange County, Farnan told the audience: "Now is the time to fight back, so our rights as Christians and conservatives can be taken back." The fundraiser's master of ceremonies told the audience: "We need to pray for [Farnan] because he is under attack for his faith." The Capistrano Valley High School senior has given about ten fund raising speeches since May.


falkowitz said...

I'm James Corbett. The Register got the story wrong. Judge Selna ruled that 21 of 22 comments were clearly related to the curriculum and did NOT violate the Establishment Clause. On the 22ed he ruled that the comment did violate the Clause, but that "no reasonable person" could have known that the comment was in violation and so he levied no penalty. Chad's family may be liable for the school districts defense fees. In short, the case, which never should have been filed, was a loser for Chad. But who, on the right wing, cares about truth?

RevRev said...

Amen, "falkowitz." We are talking about a pathetically brainwashed teen. Take back rights as conservatives and as xians? What a load of hooey. The poor kid has not been allowed to have his own thoughts - he thinks what he has been told to think. Where else would a child come up with the bushwa that his "rights" are under attack? This is the kind who waves a flag with a gold fringe then wages war at home. The Jesus Jihad is a pathetic mix of fake witchcraft and fear. What losers, indeed.

Lady Janus said...

Well, first off, somebody needs to explain how "rights" can be segregated into such categories as "Christian" and "conservative." Rights are rights, are they not? Equal to all?

And second, "creationism" is superstitious nonsense!