Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Suit Charges Dearborn High School Principal With Discrimination Against Non-Muslims

A discrimination lawsuit was filed late last month by two Christian high school teachers against Imad Fadlallah, the now-retired principal of Dearborn, Michigan's Fordson High School, and against the school district. The complaint (full text) in Purcell v. Fadlallah, (ED MI, filed 8/27/2010), alleges that Fadlallah used his position as principal to promote Islam and to systematically weed out teachers, coaches and employees who are not Muslim or Arab. The complaint also makes repeated references to ties between Fadlallah's family and the terrorist group, Hezbollah. Among the incidents of harassment against non-Muslim teachers described in the complaint were scheduling classes for one plaintiff, a science and math teacher who was a diabetic, at the times he needed to eat and administer insulin. It charges that Fadlallah harassed the second plaintiff, a business and marketing teacher, by, among other things, assigning her to teach two classes that met at the same time at opposite ends of the school building. The 34-page complaint alleges numerous other incidents of harassment and discrimination in violation of the First and 14th Amendments and of various statutory and state constitutional protections. The lawyer who filed the suit on behalf of the teachers has issued a press release summarizing plaintiff's claims.