Monday, May 30, 2011

Malta Voters Approve Legalizing Divorce

The official results of yesterday's referendum in Malta on legalizing divorce show that the proposal was approved by a 52.67% majority. The Catholic Church in the 95% Catholic country had been urging a "no" vote. (See prior posting.) DI-VE reports that in a conciliatory statement Sunday, Maltese bishops said:
To those who had an active role on both sides, we would like to show you our sorrow if anyone felt hurt by any word or action from members of the Church, as much as we ascertain our unconditional forgiveness for all those we feel have hurt us. ...
We vow to engage in deep reflection to see how we can improve our work, so that the Christian family can truly be a strong force of love and stability in the centre of the Church’s life in our society.
According to the London Guardian, the vote was advisory, and it is now up to Malta's Parliament to enact a divorce law.  If it does, the Philippines will be left as the only country in the world where divorce is not permitted.  [Thanks to Pew Sitter for the lead.]