Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Report on Attitudes of Muslim Americans Released

The Pew Research Center today released an extensive public opinion survey of Muslim Americans. The report (full text) titled Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism, and is described by Pew as follows:
Based on interviews with 1,033 Muslim Americans conducted this year (April 14-July 22) in English, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, the wide-ranging report looks at Muslim Americans’ political and social attitudes; religious views and practices; experiences and difficulties faced after 9/11; views of Islamic extremism; views of U.S. efforts at combating terrorism; and views of national conditions. In addition to updating trends from earlier Pew Research surveys, the report includes comparisons of Muslim Americans with the general public and with Muslims in other countries, as well as detailed demographic information.
The report finds that 63% of Muslim Americans are first-generation immigrants, and estimates the total Muslim population in the U.S. to be 2.75 million.