Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painting of Jesus As Mickey Mouse Declared "Extremist" By Russian Court

The Huffington Post and RIA Novosti report on a decision handed down earlier this month by a court in the Kaluga Region of Russia finding that a painting (shown in the Huffington Post article) of Jesus with the head of Mickey Mouse is "extremist".  The ruling means that the painting will be banned from exhibitions, newspapers, magazines and television under the provisions Art. 13 of of Russia's Federal Law No. 114 FZ on Counteraction of Extremist Activities (2002). The painting by Alexander Savko, titled Sermon on the Mount, was part of a display titled Mickey Mouse's Travels Through Art History and was first shown a a controversial 2007 display of Forbidden Art. The organizers of that show were convicted of inciting national and religious hatred and were fined. (See prior posting.)