Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kuwaiti Trial Court Sentences Man To 10 Years For Blasphemous Tweets

Christian Post reported yesterday that a Kuwaiti trial court has sentenced 26-year old Hamad al-Naqi to 10 years in prison for making insulting comments about Islam on Twitter.  According to Gulf News, prosecutors charged that between February 5 and March 27, al-Naqi posted comments and tweets that insulted Prophet Mohammad, his companions Abu Baqer, the first Caliph, and Omar, the second caliph, and his wife Aisha. He also, it was charged, insulted the political regimes in two Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Al-Naqi claims that he did not compose the tweets, and that his account was hacked.  Al-Naqi's lawyer says they will appeal and are optimistic about their chances of success.