Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Australian Group Recommends Law Reform On Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision

In the Australian state of Tasmania, the Tasmania Law Reform Institute has recently released a 101-page report on Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision. The report was prepared in response to a request from Tasmania's former Commissioner for Children (who opposed performing non-therapeutic procedures on minors) for clarification of the law on circumcision of male children and recommendations for law reform.  The Institute has come forward with 14 recommendations including:
  • A general ban on circumcision of incapable minors, but with exceptions for "well-established religious or ethnicity motivated circumcision."
  • A requirement of joint parental authorization for a minor to be circumcised, with judicial determination in cases of parental disagreement.
  • Minimum standards and required disclosures for circumcisers.
  • Enactment of a new Circumcision Act that allows suits by individuals harmed by circumcision to be brought after a person reaches the age of majority.
ABC News reports on developments.

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jimbino said...

That was an informative and comprehensive paper on circumcision, replete as it was with grammatical error.

Regarding religion, what the paper failed to note is that "religious" circumcision takes into account the religion of the parent, not the religion of the circumcised infant, who, as all infants, is born an atheist and remains so until brainwashed otherwise.

As such, income circumcision amounts to a physical assault that initiates the series of psychic assaults perpetrated by religious and superstitious parents, schools and temples in violation of the autonomy of the developing atheist child.

And worse, as opposed to psychic injury, the circumcised infant has few options to heal himself as an adult.

There are a hell of a lot of Jews, including atheist Einstein, who repudiated Judaism (he as a 15-year-old), but who suffered lifelong from the genital mutilation that even he could not reverse.