Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney's Work As Lay Mormon Pastor Detailed To Convention

Reuters reports on the three speakers last night at the Republican National Convention who focused in detail on nominee Mitt Romney's activities as a lay Mormon pastor in a Boston area Mormon church in the late 1970's.  Grant Bennett (full text of remarks), who served as Romney's assistant in the church and later himself became pastor, described Romney's work:
For one or two evenings each week and several hours every weekend -- week after week and year after year -- he met with those seeking help with the burdens of real life, burdens we all face at one time or another: unemployment, sickness, financial distress, loneliness.
Mitt prayed with and counseled church members seeking spiritual direction, single mothers raising children, couples with marital problems, youth with addictions, immigrants separated from their families, and individuals whose heat had been shut off.
Then Ted and Pat Oparowski (full text of remarks) described Romney's visits with their terminally ill 14-year old son, and Pam Finlayson (full text of remarks) told of Romney's clergy visits to the hospital and other help and support from the Romney family after her daughter was born three and a half months premature.