Wednesday, September 05, 2012

European Court Hears 4 British Cases On Accommodating Christian Employees' Beliefs

Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights held a Chamber hearing on four cases from the United Kingdom raising issues of religious accommodation.  The cases are Chaplin v. the United Kingdom (application no. 59842/10), Eweida v. the United Kingdom (no. 48420/10), Ladele v. the United Kingdom (no. 51671/10) and McFarlane v. the United Kingdom (no. 36516/10). (Links are to prior postings on each case.) As reported by EurActiv, two of the cases involved Christians women who were not permitted by their employers to wear a cross around their neck. The other two cases involve Christian employees who object on religious grounds to same-sex marriage. One refused to provide counseling to same-sex couples. The other case involves a registrar who refused to officiate at same-sex civil union ceremonies. The European Court has issued a press release describing the cases, and has posted a webcast of the hearing.