Thursday, November 08, 2012

Analysis of Tuesday's Results By Religion of Voters

Pew Forum yesterday published its preliminary analysis, based on exit polls, of Tuesday's presidential vote by religion, race and worship attendance. Gov. Romney did best among White Protestant born-again and evangelical voters- 79%.  He received 69% of all White Protestant votes and 59% of White Catholic votes. He received 30% of the Jewish vote, up significantly from the 21% received by John McCain in 2008. Romney received 78% of the Mormon vote.

President Obama did best among Black Protestants- 95%.  He received 75% of the Hispanic Catholic vote and 68% of the Jewish vote.  He received 74% of the votes of those who listed themselves as being of some faith other than Christian or Jewish, and 70% of the vote of those who are religiously unaffiliated. He received 21% of the Mormon vote.

Broken down by attendance at worship services, Romney received 59% of the votes of those who attend services at least weekly, while Obama received 62% of the votes of those who never attend worship services. Protestants made up 53%, Catholics 25%, Jews 2%, and other faiths 7% of the total electorate.