Saturday, November 10, 2012

Court Continues Order For State To Home School Senior Who Objects To Immunizations

West Virginia is one of two states that have no religious exemption from requirements that students obtain immunizations before they can attend school.  AP reports that on Thursday, a West Virginia trial court continued a previously issued injunction requiring the Randolph County Board of Education to provide home instruction to high school senior Olivia Hudok who refuses immunizations for religious reasons.  Hudok and her father sued in September seeking an order allowing her to attend the county's small public school-- Hudok is one of only 3 seniors. The court instead ordered home instruction while a suit challenging the immunization rule played out in another county. That suit upheld the requirements, and the school board unsuccessfully then sought a dismissal of the preliminary injunction. The court however said the Randolph County injunction will continue until the West Virginia Supreme Court gives some guidance in the area.