Sunday, November 11, 2012

Egyptian Lawyers File Complaint With Prosecutor Against El Baradei Over His Criticism of Islamists

As previously reported, last Friday Islamists in Egypt held a demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding that the assembly drafting the country's constitution include language giving more deference to Islamic law. The same day, reformist Dostour Party chairman Mohamed El Baradei spoke to a news conference in Aswan, urging various political groups to come together and criticizing the Islamists, calling them "the clowns of religion who call people infidels and secularist as they please and act as if they have moral authority over us." (Egypt Daily News). Now Ahram Online reports that today 40 Egyptian lawyers filed a complaint with the prosecutor general accusing El Baradei of offending Islamists, opposing Islamic sharia law and insulting prominent Islamist preachers.