Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Florida Voters Defeat Religious Freedom Amendment; Anti-Abortion Amendment

Florida voters yesterday (official results) defeated Amendment 8, the proposed Religious Freedom Amendment, that would have repealed the state's Blaine Amendment-- the state constitution's ban on public funds going to religious institutions. It would have cleared the way for religious institutions to participate on an equal footing with secular ones in government programs and funding, to the extent permitted by federal law. The vote on Amendment 8 was 44.47% for approval; 55.53% for rejection. A 60% affirmative vote was needed for passage.

Voters also defeated Amendment 6 which, with some exceptions, would have barred the use of public funds to pay for abortions or for insurance coverage for abortions. The vote was 44.95% for approval; 55.05% for rejection. A 60% affirmative vote was required for passage.  The Tampa Bay Times reports on the results.