Thursday, November 01, 2012

Is "Vote the Bible" T-Shirt Electioneering By Voter?

Texas Election Code Sec. 85.036 prohibits electioneering within 100 feet of an early polling location.  Apparently based on this section, a poll worker in Williamson County, Texas last week required a voter to put on a jacket to cover the words "Vote the Bible" on her T-shirt before the worker would allow the voter to cast a ballot.  According to a press release and complaint letter yesterday by Texas Values, the poll worker told voter Kay Hill that her shirt might be offensive to some people. The Williamson County Election Administrator later told Hill that the worker probably felt that the phrase meant "vote Republican." Texas Values says it will file a formal complaint with the Texas Secretary of State's Office if county election officials do not issue an apology and inform the public and election workers that "Vote the Bible" T-shirts are permissible. Texas Election Code Sec. 61.003 imposes the same ban on electioneering at polls on election day.


city said...

thanks for sharing..

Beyond Belief said...

WI state law says "Yes...electioneering" if I'm interpreting well.

"Observers shall not wear any clothing or buttons having the name or likeness of a candidate, party, or referendum group appearing on the ballot or having text which describes, or purports to describe, the rights or responsibilities of individuals voting or registering to vote at a polling place or voting an absentee ballot at the office of the municipal clerk or an alternate site.

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