Thursday, November 29, 2012

Texas Seeks To Seize FLDS Church's Compound

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced yesterday that his office has initiated legal proceedings in state court to seize as contraband the 1600-acre YFZ Ranch in west Texas that has functioned as a compound for the polygamous FLDS Church. According to Abbott, "the YFZ Ranch was purchased on the orders of Warren Jeffs, who sought a rural location where the FLDS could operate a polygamist compound where the systemic sexual assault of children would be tolerated without interference from law enforcement authorities." In 2008, a high profile raid on the ranch led to the removal of 415 children by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. (See prior posting.)  According to the Search and Seizure Warrant and the Affidavit supporting the warrant filed in state district court, the property "has been used in the commission of Texas Penal Code offenses of first and second degree felonies, including Sexual Assault, Bigamy, Money Laundering and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity." AP reports on developments.