Friday, December 28, 2012

4 FFRF Signs Countering Christmas Displays Are Stolen Or Vandalized

In a news release yesterday, the Freedom from Religion Foundation reported that it has put up Winter Solstice banners or signs in 12 cities this year to counter religious displays on public property. Many of the banners use text that calls religion "myth & supestition." However the FFRF signs have been stolen or vandalized in 4 locations-- the Boston Commons; next door to a police station in Gladwin, Michigan; in Warren, Michigan; and in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania where the sign was vandalized in front of TV cameras.

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russedav said...

How ironic atheists are well-known grossly hypocritically to commit such vandalism themselves against Christians but for some mysterious, evidently magical, "reason" (reason being a notion ever beyond an irrational, non-omnipresent, non-omniscient atheist's reach) it's only wrong when others do it to them. How convenient! And for some reason they expect thoughtful people to take them seriously, like the self-refuting religious group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation.