Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Canadian Court Upholds Required Ethics and Religious Culture Program In Catholic School

LifeSite News reports that in Canada, Quebec's Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of the province's Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports refusing to exempt a Catholic school, Loyola High School, from the requirement that it offer a government-mandated course in Ethics and Religious Culture instead of  the school's own course covering other religions and ethical creeds from a Catholic perspective. A trial court ruled in favor of the school (see prior posting), but the Court of Appeal reversed.  In Le Procureur General  du Quebec v. Loyola High School John Zucchi, (Quebec Ct. App., Dec. 4, 2012) the Court of Appeal held that "exposing students to the global study of religions in a neutral perspective without requiring them to adhere to it, is not an infringement of freedom of religion." In reaching this conclusion, the court cited a  February decision by Canada's Supreme Court upholding the Ethics and Religious Culture Program in a suit by parents who objected to it. (See prior posting.)