Friday, December 14, 2012

Claims of 2 Abuse Victims Dismissed In Milwaukee Archdiocese Bankruptcy

In the ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings of the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the court yesterday dismissed fraud claims by two sex abuse victims. Numerous claimants argue that the Archdiocese defrauded them by moving abusive priests to new assignments without warning parents of the danger. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that in one of the dismissed claims the court held that the 6-year statute of limitations had run. In the other dismissed claim, the court found no fraud because the accused priest had not previously engaged in abuse. The Archdiocese says it will pay only those claims required by law. Abuse victims say it is at least morally wrong to attempt to dismiss large numbers of claimants. The Archdiocese says it should not have to pay where the statute of limitations has run, where abusing priests were not direct employees of the Archdiocese, and where victims have previously negotiated settlements.

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