Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Interview With Convicted Amish Beard-Cutting Attacker Published

The Daily yesterday published a long interview with Bergholz Amish sect leader Sam Mullet who was convicted in September on hate crime charges stemming from beard-cutting attacks on a rival Amish group. (See prior posting.) Mullet is in prison awaiting a January sentencing hearing. The interview, conducted at the Northern Ohio Correctional Center, is wide ranging. Summarizing the interview, The Daily said:
Over the course of several hours, [Mullet] described the challenges of adjusting to prison, his perspective on the beard-cutting attacks and life inside the breakaway Amish sect where he was accused of sexually preying on women and tormenting men with harsh punishments.
On the matter of the beard cuttings, Mullet told The Daily that he was wrongly convicted — that a group of his followers, including several of his children, hatched the scheme on their own.