Friday, December 28, 2012

Islamic Nations Continue Objections To Certain Proposed gTLDs; Iran Files Late Submittals

As previously reported, last June the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published a list applications for new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) names. Several organizations applied for gTLD's that have, or may have, a religious connection or connotation. (See prior posting.) Members of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee had until Nov. 20 to file official "early warnings" to applicants raising concerns over specific applications. In that process, several early warnings for proposed religious-related gTLDs were filed. The UAE expressed concern over .islam and .halal.  India raised questions on .islam, .bible, .ram and .halal. (Full ICANN List of GAC Early Warnings). As reported by BNA Electronic Commerce and Law Report yesterday [subscription required], ICANN has now posted a new page linking to correspondence from Government Advisory Committee members  submitted after the early warning deadline.  The only items included so far are from Iran which has targeted 29 gTLD proposals, most because they refer to activities prohibited or regulated by Islamic religious law--proposed gTLDs such as .gay, .poker, .wine.  Iran wants these applications to be withdrawn or rejected, or else wants applicants to provide for the blocking of these domains in countries that object to them. For certain other objectionable domains, such as .imamat, Iran says concerns are so great that only withdrawal or rejection of the application is acceptable to it. Earlier in the process, Saudi Arabia had filed objections to a number of the same top level domain names that are now targeted by Iran. (See prior posting.)