Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Russian Law Mandates Religion Course In Schools

The Moscow Times reported Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new education law passed by the Russian Parliament that, among other things, makes mandatory in all schools a course in fundamentals of religion. The law takes effect on Sept. 1, 2013.

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Ettore Grillo said...

When I stayed in Moscow, I used to hang about Kremlin area. Near Kremlin there is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It was built by order of Tsar Alexander I who wanted to thank Jesus for saving Russia from Napoleon’s army.
Afterwards, Stalin ordered the destruction of the Cathedral. It was his intention to replace it with a monument to socialism. Therefore that splendid Church was demolished, but too many unexpected hindrances prevented Stalin from carrying out his plan.
Under Nikita Khrushchev, the area where once the Cathedral stood was used as a swimming pool.
In the nineties the Muscovites donated a big amount of money to rebuild the Cathedral. The work to rebuild it lasted for almost ten years, and at last the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was restored to its ancient magnificence.
That means it is not possible to suppress religion. The more you strive to choke religion, the more it gets strong. It happened in Russia. Nowadays Russians are religious people and even in the schools the teaching of religion is mandatory. It is a good way, because religion makes the difference between animal kingdom and human civilization.
Ettore Grillo author of Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words