Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Transcripts and Recordings of SCOTUS Arguments In Same-Sex Marriage Cases Are Available

This week the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two cases involving same-sex marriage.  The written transcript and audio recording of Tuesday's arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the challenge to California's Proposition 8 are available on the Supreme Court's website. The written transcript and audio recording of Wednesday's arguments in United States v. Windsor, the challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act are similarly available. Before arguments began on Tuesday, thousands of demonstrators on both sides of the issues marched and picketed near the Supreme Court. Yahoo! News reports that the National Organization for Marriage, a coalition of ethnically diverse churches from at least 15 states, were among the marchers opposing same-sex marriage.  But those invoking religion demonstrated in favor of marriage equality as well. One carried a sign reading: "Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine."

UPDATE: Oyez and ISCOTUS have created a website with extensive background information on the cases.