Thursday, April 25, 2013

Canadian Court Permits Hasidic Synagogue To Continue Despite Zoning Violation

Canada's National Post reports that last week a Quebec Superior Court ruled that given the "exceptional circumstances," a Hasidic synagogue in Montreal's Outremont neighborhood can continue to operate in violation of the city's zoning bylaw. The half-block on which the converted duplex that houses the synagogue is located is zoned residential. The city has accommodated the synagogue's activities since 1980 despite the zoning violation. The zoning controversy is part of long-running tensions between the Hasidic community and its neighbors. The decision in MontrĂ©al (Ville de) c. CongrĂ©gation Munchas Elozer Munkas, (Cour Superieure, April 18, 2013) is available online in French.