Monday, April 29, 2013

Suit Challenges School's Ban On 6th Grader Handing Out Anti-Abortion Flyers

A lawsuit was filed last week in a Minnesota federal district court challenging the policies of a Minnesota public charter school that prohibited a 6th grader from distributing anti-abortion flyers to her classmates during lunch time.  The complaint (full text) in A.Z. v. Nova Classical Academy, (D MN, filed 4/25/2013), recounts that a school administrator told plaintiff and her friends that they could not pass out the flyers because some students find them offensive.  The school took the position that below the high-school level, it can ban political, religious and controversial speech. The lawsuit claims that the 6th-grader plaintiff  has religious beliefs that compel her to share her faith, beliefs and pro-life viewpoints with friends and classmates at school. It asserts that the school is discriminating against plaintiff's religious, pro-life viewpoint since it permits students to hand out other items such as birthday party invitations. The complaint alleges that the school's literature distribution policy violates plaintiff's free speech, free exercise, due process, equal protection and Establishment Clause rights. Alliance Defending Freedom issued a press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit.

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Kagehi said...

Yeah.. Kids that young don't have "beliefs", so much as dogma, and they are just as likely to hand out things about Santa Claus. That said, technically, this isn't "school supported", so not legal from the standpoint of church/state. From the standpoint of bloody annoying... the school has less of a leg to stand on, especially since it doesn't matter how much any part of someone's "religion" offends people, it has an unfortunate protected status, such that almost anything said in its name is, "Not something you dare appose!", you know, unlike literally any other opinion, that anyone else might have, on any other subject.

In short - this is in the, "They are not letting us pray in school.", category, and I hope the school looses, even if I also secretly hope that either the kid gets a clue, or their parents decide to remove her from an environment where she might har... uh, I mean might harm her.. yeah, that's what I meant, and home school. lol

BTW, no idea when you started allowing them again, but, nice to see comments back. I had kind of given up on the site, especially since I tended to see a lot of the similar sort of stuff, if usually creationists pushing ID, again, and again, and again, on the other blogs I visit anyway.