Saturday, May 04, 2013

North Carolina School Board Member Resigns Over Litigation Risk From Proposal To Open Meetings With Prayer

The Rockingham County, North Carolina Board of Education regularly opens its meetings with a moment of silence.  However, last month the Board engaged in an hour-long discussion of board member Ron Price's proposal to consider opening sessions with a prayer instead.  A vote on the proposal is scheduled for May 13.  According to the Winston-Salem Journal, one member of the school board isn't waiting for the vote. Board member Leonard Pryor announced Friday that he is resigning from the board. In a written statement decrying political polarization of the school board, Pryor said that the vote on prayer could open board members individually to lawsuits, and he is not willing to jeopardize his family's future over the issue.

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Andy said...

Certainly there are constitutional questions here, but it is a bit silly to imagine that qualified immunity (or an even absolute immunity that might be applicable) is broached here.