Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Science Education Group Issues "Scorecard" On 2013 State Anti-Evolution Proposals

The National Center for Science Education yesterday issued their "scorecard" on state legislative proposals this year that are anti-evolution or anti-climate change. It reviews activity on "anti-science" bills in 9 states-- a total of 10 bills and one resolution.


Tim Payne said...

A couple of points of interest:

None of the 10 bills and 1 joint resolution were actually passed.

Every single one of the 42 named sponsors and cosponsors is a Republican.

Richard Gould-Saltman said...

Since these bills seem to be struck from the same template, I'm wondering what the authors' gripe as to the teaching of the possibility of "human cloning" would be? It can't be that they believe that it's inherently impossible, or that the possibility of it being done is purely speculative, so the agenda's foggy on that part!