Friday, June 14, 2013

Judge Jones Misconduct Complaint Transferred To DC Circuit

As previously reported, on June 4 a misconduct complaint was filed against Judge Edith Jones, based in part on comments she made regarding a religious justification for capital punishment. Now, as reported yesterday by the New Orleans Advance, it appears that the complaint has been transferred from the Judicial Council of the 5th Circuit to the Judicial Council of the D.C. Circuit. On June 12, a Notice was posted on the U.S. 5th circuit Court of Appeals website indicating that a judicial conduct proceeding had been transferred. The Notice linked to a June 12 letter from U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts authorizing the transfer, and indicating that he had received a request on June 7 from the 5th Circuit for the transfer. The Judicial Conference Rules (full text) set out the basis for transfers.

UPDATE: On Thursday, Alliance for Justice submitted a letter (full text) in support of the misconduct complaint to the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit. It says that there is a long pattern of prejudicial statements and actions by Judge Jones, including her repeatedly speaking of the primacy of religion above law.