Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Louisiana Passes Bill Encouraging Student Use of School Space For Prayer

Last Saturday the Louisiana legislature gave final passage to HB 724 that encourages schools to allow students to use school space for prayer. The bill provides:
A. Upon the request of any public school student...  school authorities may permit students to gather for prayer in a classroom, auditorium, or other space that is not in use, at anytime before the school day begins when the school is open and students are allowed on campus, at any time after the school day ends provided that at least one student club or organization is meeting at that time, or at any noninstructional time during the school day. A school employee may be assigned to supervise the gathering if ... requested by the student ... and the school employee volunteers....
B. Any school employee may attend and participate in the gathering if it occurs before the employee's workday begins or after [it] ... ends.
C. Any parent may attend the gathering....
D. The students may invite persons from the community to attend and participate in the gathering if other school organizations ... are allowed to make similar invitations.
Wall of Separation blog sets out the concerns that American United have with the bill.

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jimbino said...

Since when is it legitimate to allow parents to attend but not just any taxpayer, parent or not? One has to assume that any taxpayer has an interest in school activities, since that interest is at the basis of taxing him to support them.