Monday, June 10, 2013

Recent Articles of Interest

From SSRN:
From SmartCILP:
  • Maarsha B. Freeman, What's Religion Got To Do With It? Virtually Nothing: Hosanna-Tabor and the Unbridled Power of the Ministerial Exemption, [Abstract], 16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change 133-149 (2013).
  • Richard W. Garnett, The Story of Kedroff v. St. Nicholas Cathedral [Includes photographs], [Abstract], 38 Journal of Supreme Court History 80-93 (2013). 
  • Douglas Laycock, Edward Schempp and His Family [Includes photographs], [Abstract], 38 Journal of Supreme Court History 63-79 (2013).
  • Raymond C. O'Brien, Family Law's Challenge to Religious Liberty, 35 University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Review 3-88 (2012).
  • Fatahillah Abdul Syukur & Dale Margaret Bagshaw. When Home Is No Longer "Sweet": Family Violence and Sharia Court-Annexed Mediation in Indonesia30 Conflict Resolution Quarterly 271-294 (2013).