Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Russian Orthodox Church Strikes Back At Rock Group Through Video Game

As previously reported, in Russia last year two members of the punk group Pussy Riot were sentenced to two-years in prison for 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" after the band's an anti-Putin protest performance in Christ the Savior Cathedral. Now, according to Radio Free Europe, the Russian Orthodox Church has found an interesting way to strike back at the punk rock group:
A video game was showcased at a recent Russian Orthodox youth festival in Moscow that encourages players to "kill" members of the feminist punk-rock collective Pussy Riot. 
In the game, "Don't Let Pussy Riot Into The Cathedral," players use an Orthodox cross to snuff out the balaclava-clad women before they enter a domed white church.... When the Pussy Rioters enter the church in the game, they reappear atop the church with horns on.