Saturday, September 21, 2013

Christian Universities Sue Challenging Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Yet another lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage mandate has been filed, this time by four Christian universities-- Southern Nazarene, Oklahoma Wesleyan,  Oklahoma Baptist, and Mid-America Christian. The complaint (full text) in Southern Nazarene University v. Sebelius, (WD OK, filed 9/20/2013) contends that the final regulations (see prior posting) creating a compromise for religious non-profit organizations that object to furnishing contraceptive coverage is insufficient. The lawsuit contends that the final version of the regulations:
still conscripts the Universities into the government’s scheme, forcing them to obtain an insurer or third-party claims administrator and submit a form that specifically causes that insurer or third-party administrator to arrange payment for the objectionable drugs, so that such coverage will apply to the Universities’ own employees as a direct consequence of their employment with the Universities and of their participation in the health insurance benefits the Universities provide them.
Alliance Defending Freedom issued a press release yesterday announcing the filing of the lawsuit.