Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EEOC Sues Over Company's Refusal To Accommodate Religious Objection To Biometric Hand Scanning

The EEOC filed a lawsuit in a West Virginia federal district court on Monday against Consol Energy and Consolidation Coal Co. charging that they had violated Title VII by failing to accommodate a Christian employee's religious objections to biometric hand scanning to track his time and attendance. According to the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram, Beverly R. Butcher Jr., a laborer at the companies' mining operation, believed that hand scanning involved the Mark of the Beast.  The company, relying on the scanner vendor's interpretation of the Mark of the Beast in Book of Revelation 13:16, offered to allow Butcher to scan his left hand (since the Biblical verse refers only to the right hand). However Bucher wanted instead to either keep written records of his hours or check in and out with a supervisor. The company rejected this, which allegedly led to Bucher retiring earlier than he otherwise would have done.


61b44e00-25ff-11e3-9279-000bcdcb5194 said...

So the feds will for this crap, but will force business owners, employees, and religious organizations to violate their own religious beliefs with the HHS mandate? Ridiculous!

Corey said...

Um, I could make up a religious belief as silly as the mark of the beast too and should I be not allowed to refuse certain tasks at my job? Lets see; [Hey you there with that cross necklace, that is offensive to me and only lord Satan chooses who can wear a cross around their neck, I am sorry but I will have to send you away, I cannot serve you the food you just ordered because that would mean I am allowing you to humiliate my lord Satan, and I will have blood on my hands if I allow the other families with children to see your behavior as holy in any way] Yeah, sounds just as stupid!